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Project: Advertisement survey

Client: MatchCraft Inc., USA

The client, Matchcraft Inc. offers a comprehensive and customized online advertisement exchange. The project's aim was to create a premium facility for the advertiser to customize his ad banners according to the type of visitor on the website. Our solution was threefold that included Weight age banners, User-targeting and Geo-targeting. 

The first solution involved developing an algorithm whereby a particular ad banner was made to appear depending on the number of times it was clicked or depending on the type of sponsor.

For the second solution, we used cookies to track user behavior and details. Based on the value of these cookies ad banners were chosen and displayed.

The third solution was a very comprehensive one, whereby advertisements were displayed suited to specific geographic locations. This proved very effective to advertisers who chose to display a particular banner in their preferred location. Geo-targeting has become a research topic today, as it calls for better product positioning and specific community targeting.

Technology: Linux, ODI, Oracle, Java, Servelets

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