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Project: Customer Support Module

Client: MatchCraft Inc., USA

The client, MatchCraft Inc. offers a comprehensive and customized online advertisement exchange. The project's requirement was to develop a customer-centric and user-friendly interface so as to enable easier operations in the MatchCraft exchange.

This interface involves vetting at different users and their accounts in the MatchCraft exchange. The major users are operators. This feature helps in user-friendly operations in the MatchCraft exchange. 

This contains lists of all the users in different stages at the exchange, with the details that were provided at the time of registration. Options are provided to vett the users from one stage to the other. Whenever the user is moved from one stage to the other the user is intimated through e-mail. The users can also vett the advertiser post click events and the publisher areas.

Technology: Linux, ODI, Oracle 8i, Java, JSP and RMI 

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