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Project Management Systems

The Project Manager will use a computerized project management system like Microsoft Project or Project Information System (PIS), to help in the planning and execution of the various phases of the project. PIS is an in-house developed software specifically for the management of Projects being carried out at the center. This helps the Project Manager to specify the timing of each milestone and to keep track of schedules. 

The Project Manager will also use this tool to help him in critical path analysis and contingency planning. The schedule will be updated if need be, and a copy of the new schedule will be sent to the customer for approval. To make monitoring easier, the project team members will submit a weekly time sheet to the team leader, who will fill up the weekly status report and submit it to the Project Manager.

Project reviews will be held regularly to ensure smooth communication within the team. During each project review, all project plans will be re-evaluated to see if they need any modifications or updates. Necessary modifications will be made and an update will be made and sent to the customer for his comments/approval.

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Project Management Systems
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