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The project aims at creating a premium facility for the advertiser, that lets him specify ads for specific geographic locations. This is called "geo-targeting" in short. This package can be used in an online advertising exchange to enable advertisers to specify geographic locational preferences where they would like their ad to be displayed. The advertiser has the option to go for geo-targeting and if he chooses the same, then he could specify his preferred location to show his advertisement. 

This allows for more relevant advertisements that appeal to the specific community targeted. The advantage to the advertiser is that he can position his products/services ads better and get optimal responses for the same. This has been proven to be very effective in many studies conducted by various bodies.

Some useful features of GeoTargeting

When laws differ from country to country, geo-mapping applications can sketch lines for businesses operating in multiple areas. An international gambling operation, for example, could use the technology to block visitors to its Web site from the United States, where such business is illegal. Broadcasters could use the technology to protect the digital rights to material downloaded via the Internet. Other uses include fraud detection and regulatory compliance. 

The technology also has widespread allure for marketers seeking to get closer to customers. It's promoted as a convenient mechanism for advertisers to deliver local coupons via wireless devices. Web sites can also write pages in the appropriate language by recognizing a visitor's country of origin. 

With the country, city, or zip code in hand, an online purveyor can better cater to consumers' needs and handle the labyrinth of local regulations that often stymie Internet shopping.

Take the pharmaceuticals industry. A drug that requires a prescription in the United States may be available over the counter in Belgium. A drug company that knows the location of someone surfing on its website could provide the appropriate information about that drug and perhaps even one day sell it online, where allowed. 

This geographic data might also help to clamp down on credit card fraud. Imagine if a financial institution could accurately determine that a card was used in a surf shop in San Diego one moment and then on a diamond website 15 minutes later by somebody logging on from New York City. 

For more info on GeoTargeting, visit:,1072,30444,00.html

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