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Project: Fraud analyzer

Client: Matchcraft Inc., USA

The client, Matchcraft Inc. offers a comprehensive and customized online advertisement exchange. The project's requirement was to detect and analyze fraud transactions and operations happening in the client server exchange.

While evaluating the number of clicks on a particular ad banner, it is important to store details as to where the click was produced from including the date, time, IP address and other details. Else, an advertiser and publisher can be easily a victim of fraud clicks.

Our solution to analyze fraud in the system was in the form of an interface that also included developing of FraudLogAnalyzer1 and FraudLogAnalyzer2. The former performed IP queries based on advertisement clicks while the latter allowed for sophisticated and flexible fraud searches and analysis.

With this interface, user can get details of a particular ad banner related to number of impressions, clicks, sales, actions at each IP address in a given date and time.

Technology: Linux, Oracle 8i, Java, JSP, Shell Scripts

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