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Project Development Process

We prefer the clients to fill the Request For Proposal form for starting a new project, which describes the exact need of the project with the timeline for completing the project.

On receiving the request for proposal, our technical team will go through it. Our team will analyze the requirements of the project and identify the hardware and software needed for project and calculate the number of man hours required for the project. Then a detailed specification for the project will be prepared and send to client for approval by the project lead.

Any modifications indicated by client in the spec will be done and after getting the client's approval for the spec, the team will start working on design phase. All the designing issues like database design and class level design will be discussed by the team. Database design will be done using Normalization and Denormalization concepts also taking the performance of the queries/updates into account. Class level design will be done using CRC cards and UML. Finally after getting the right design, all the design details will be documented and send to the client by the project lead.

All the different modules of the projects will be identified. Each module will be allotted to a separate team/member. Then the team starts working on coding. CVS is used for version control. Status meetings will be held everyday where team members mention the progress made by them on that day and discuss any problems faced by them like better algorithms, bugs etc.

The clients will be informed about the daily progress in the project in the form of emails containing status messages. On completion of the project, the entire source code along with the makefile for compiling the source code and the script for running the project will be delivered to the client. 

Project Development Process
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