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Data Reporting Tool

Seagate Crystal Reports is a data reporting tool used to present the data available in the database in the format as the user wants. This tool is used by us to make a report of what is happening in our client's exchange system.

We have created several reports for the clients to serve purposes like: 

To know the performance of all the Advertisers and the Publishers registered in the exchange

To detect the fraud happening in the exchange system

To scale the performance of the exchange system based on impressions, leads, downloads, sales, etc.

To detect whether there is any loss of integration on the advertiser's side from the exchange

To know the performance of sales reps of our clients

Some of these reports were being exported to Excel. All these reports are being refreshed on daily basis and sent to our clients, using which, they will do:

Fraud Analysis
Optimization Analysis

The Sales Rep Reports are updated by us in their extranet site using ftp. This site will be reviewed by the Sales Reps daily to know how they have performed till now for that month.

All these reports are of high visibility to our clients. So, these reports are done very carefully and accurately on daily basis.

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