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Automated Alerts

Technologies: PL/SQL, JSP, Java, Oracle8i

This project is about generation of automated email alerts based on the Volume, Volatility and Load on the exchange. 

1. Volume: Alert when Exchange volume drops below certain threshold value.
2. Volatility: Alert when Variance in volume between today and yesterday is greater than or less than a certain threshold value.
3. Load: Alert when Total Impressions goes above certain threshold value.
4. Load: Alert when Variance in impressions between today and yesterday is greater than certain threshold value.

The alert parameters will be stored in the accounting Oracle database. The procedures are implemented using PL/SQL and UTL_SMTP package is used for sending mails. The alert thresholds can be easily set by simple web interface. The email Ids to whom each alert will be sent to can also be set by the interface. The user can also make the alert active or inactive from the interface.

Fraud Uploader Status Page

Technologies: JSP, Java, Oracle8i

This web-based interface will display the status of the fraud uploader at any particular point of time and time taken at each stage of uploading. The loading of data can also be suspended with a halt button provided and also can be restarted. The interface will display the CPU usage, size of the database on the database server. The count of batches awaiting loading, disk space used in partition will also be displayed.


Technologies: JSP, Java, Oracle8i

This is a web-based interface. User can specify AOfferId separated by commas, and should be able to specify either pre-configured dates (last hour, last day, last week, last month) or choose "custom" and input their own specific times and dates.

The output page generated contains the detailed data like the no of impressions, clicks, sales, leads, CTR, CTL, CTS at each IPAddress for the given AOfferIds and in the given Date and time range.

The result also will contain the summary of the data retrieved, like the total count of IPs retrieved with the query, Max Impressions, Max clicks, Max CTR, Max CTL, Max CTS served from a unique IP.


Technologies: JSP, Java, Oracle8i 

Where as the first fraud log analyzer1 was only able to perform IP queries based on AOffers, the FraudLogAnalyzer2 will now allow for much more sophisticated and flexible fraud searches and analysis. 

It contains 4 different usage options.

1. AOffer Based Investigation: 
Specify AOffers, returns fraud-related statistics.
2. Company Based Investigation:
User specifies any combination of publisher logins, area names, advertiser logins, offer names, returns fraud-related statistics. User is able to search for logins, area names, offer names from the popup window.
3. Publisher Ratio Investigation: 
User specifies publisher logins, returns ratio analysis.
4. MC User base Investigation:
Returns usage statistics based on input parameters.

Usage Parameters

The new analyzer allows the user to specify parameters for any query. These parameters include date and time, and usage ranges. The usage range parameters involve impressions, clicks, actions, CPM+CPC$ and Total$.

Search Page
The user can search for various logins, offer names, area names using the search page. Once the search results appear, the user can check (using checkboxes) the desired relevant entries. When "Add to Form" is depressed, all checked entries would be added to the relevant field on the input page.

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