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The Drona Advantage:

Substantial factor, cost divergence between developed and developing countries has always been the drive recently in the trade sector. The recent trend towards the expansion of Information Technology has significantly influenced the conventional trade patterns, causing service trade to multiply tenfold. And thus establish the fact that the future global trade is services rather than goods.

The combination of Kannon in the US and Drona in India translate products and services of international quality and standards delivered to you at a fraction of the market cost in the U.S. Further, our technology experts on-site, the U.S., handle the consultancy, architecture and the deployment of our solutions, enabling the execution of projects quickly and effectively.

Drona Software Systems is a growth-oriented company, committed to provide local and international markets with highest quality products developed based on the latest technologies. We wish to continue to strive and improve our services to the needs and concerns of our customers and the communities in which we live.

Advantages of using services of Drona:

Globally competitive rates
Guaranteed quality of services
Professional team of programmers and software engineers
Advanced operation management and quality assurance
On time delivery within budget work
Significant discounts for permanent clients/Partners
Development of many products, solutions and services reduce cost

Significant benefits using the Drona's Offshore Center:

Proven Parental approach
No inventory costs, upfront costs
Security benefits
Easy monitoring of projects
Schedule tracking
Compliance with international quality standards
Advantages of Time zone difference
Better Customer's interactions

This is accomplished through our employees, who put in their efficient efforts to produce solutions and services emphasizing on highest quality. These efforts produce added revenues, many more customers, adding to the profitability, as well as the growth of the organization.

We intend to expand our existing marketing areas and add new ones to both protect and improve our market position. As personnel and finances are adequate and opportunities arise, our growth will continue in other areas.

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